A Day in the Life

6:45 Justus is up and at 'em bright and early, as usual. Walk out to the living room with him, turn on the "Penguin movie" from the library, and head back to his bed to get a few more minutes of shut-eye. (Titus is still asleep in our room, so I didn't want to go back in there and accidentally wake him up.)
7:15 Justus is back, telling me the penguin movie is over, and he wants to watch it again. Titus is awake anyway, so I get up to make them breakfast. I head BACK to my own bed, but I just lay there and listen to the boys being sweet to each other at the kitchen table. (I love being a "fly on the wall" for moments like this.) They converse about Daddy being at school today, about Eli still being asleep, and about what each of them is eating. Then, they move to the little craft table and make birthday cake for each other out of their play dough and take turns singing "Happy Birthday" to each member of our family.
7:45 Titus comes in to see me, and I pretend like I'm asleep. He walks in very quietly, wiggles my toes, and walks out, closing the door quietly behind him...he's so sweet. I get up and head out to join the boys for breakfast.
8:00 Eli is up. Nurse him, change his and Titus' diapers, then we all go back to Justus' room for some music and dancing.
9:00 I come back out to the kitchen to clean up and throw a load of towels into the washer.
9:30 Eli is tired already, so I nurse him, change him, and put him down for a nap. Titus, Justus, and I pull out the markers, paint, crayons, and other craft supplies and begin making all kinds of crazy things. Justus decides that we should ALL paint our feet and put our footprints on paper. I tell him that is a GREAT idea for him and Titus;), so we get out the supplies and get to work...eventually doing hand prints as well. I make sure to label each paper with their names and the dates, so I can treasure them forever.
11:30 Realize that it is 11:30, and I need to get to work on making lunch!! The boys clean up the arts and crafts stuff and decide to make some more "birthday cakes." Eli wakes up from his nap, so I nurse him and leave him to be entertained by J and T while I fix lunch for the rest of us.
12:00 Lunch time! Eli plays in the exersaucer while I sit down to eat with Justus and Titus and read a chapter from Baum's The Wizard of Oz aloud to all 3 of them. (They LOVE it.)
1:00 Naptime for Titus. Justus and I make some Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip cookies while Eli watches us from the floor:)
1:45 Justus and I EAT the cookies we just made. Yummy!
2:00 Eli needs to nurse and then nap again, so I tell Justus it's time for his nap, too.
2:30 Justus calls me into his room and tells me that he has slept...hmmm, I don't think this is the case, so I tell him to close his eyes and rest some more. He tries to argue his way out of it, but after doing my best to convince him of the fact that he will be SOOO whiny and will fall asleep in the car later, etc. etc., I leave him in his bed with 2 of his stuffed bears and hope for the best. I come out to the living room to clean up our baking mess, throw the towels in the dryer, and hope for a little (or a lot of?!) quiet time.
3:30 Eli is awake (and stinky!!!!!!!:))...Everyone slept! Yea!! I worked on my meal plans and grocery list, planned Justus' birthday party, and hung out on the computer:) (Justus and Titus are still sleeping, too, so I get Eli up and nurse him and keep him occupied so he won't wake up his brothers! haha)
3:35 That didn't work...Justus comes down the hallway rubbing his eyes and heads straight to the kitchen without a word to get some water and another chocolate chip cookie:)
3:45 Titus continues calling me from his bed, so I go get him. Change diapers, get dressed and cleaned up, and head to the gym.
6:00 Come home, nurse Eli, and start making dinner.
6:30 Put Eli to bed and sit down with J and T to eat. Read another chapter in The Wizard of Oz.
7:00 Go outside with J and T, so they can ride motorcycles until Derek gets home.
7:30 Realize mosquitos are EVERYWHERE, so we come back inside to get ready for bed. Brush teeth, wash hands, change clothes, read books, lights out!!
8:00 Make Derek's dinner, then head out to Target to get a few groceries
9:00 Watch "Here Come the Newlyweds" with my hubby!!!!!!:)


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