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Christmas Fun, Day 18

This morning, Justus had a Christmas program at church. He was a camel :)

He actually starts singing towards the end of the video :)

And now we're off to Christmas with Grandparents!!

Christmas Fun, Day 17

Last night, we camped out by the Christmas tree...well, Justus and Titus did...and then I came in and slept on the couch around 2 am. Things don't always go as planned :)

Derek and I decided last minute that we would have Christmas the following morning. A little early, a little surprise, no one complained :) We have other plans for Christmas day, so we wanted to make sure the boys had a chance to open presents and enjoy that time as a family.

So why were the grown-ups up so late? Well, the best daddy in the whole world was building this.

And after building this castle, we realized it wouldn't last 5 seconds with our 4 we decided to hot glue it together. Even at 2 am, we were calling it quits before the project was complete. But enough is enough already. Here are a few pics from this morning:

Sheer thrill over a Pez dispenser. I love it :)

Sheer excitement over more candy

And with that, Eli was ready to be done.


Another child completely fine just hav…

Jesus loves me

It's almost cliche, right?? We hear it so often, we say it with our kids, sing it at bedtime. Do we think about it? Believe it??

The boys received some bracelets the other day for Christmas that say these simple, yet profound words. Thing is, one of those bracelets is pink. It was sitting, abandoned by 3 little boys, in my van as I sat at a red light. I decided to put it on. Then I continued to look down at it (partly checking to see how silly I looked in a child's bracelet.) Then I found myself pondering the words.

Jesus loves me

Jesus LOVES me

Jesus loves ME!!

JESUS loves ME!!!

Some people from our previous church adapted the hymn "Nothing but the Blood," and there is one phrase in that song ("Only the Blood") that gets me everytime...

"You are gracious in saving, You are perfect in loving,
You are one day returning"

I cry almost every time I sing that part. And I'm not a crier. (My husband will laugh when he reads that.) But it's so true!! God i…

In leiu of a Christmas card :)


Christmas Fun, Day 13

Christmas program at Mother's Day Out!!

*Titus is on the top right of the risers...hidden of course!*

Christmas Fun, Day 12

Tonight, hot chocolate with candy canes and marshmallows...

and a movie :)

note: Josiah sat like this for the 1 second it took me to take this photo...the rest of the time, he was doing this:

Snowmen Handprint Ornaments (Day 11)

Today, we made these ornaments. Ours do not look as nice as the ornaments on that blog...but the boys actually decorated their own snowmen for the most part (except Josiah of course!), so I love them even more...imperfections and smudges and all!!

Christmas Fun, Day 8

Today, we made Christmas placemats :)

Fun Fotos: Micro Photography (Up Close)

I just HAD to do something Christmas-y :)

Next Up: Landscape

Hide and Seek

"You will seek Me and find Me, when you seek Me with all your heart."
Jeremiah 29:13

"Go look on the Christmas tree"

"Go to Josiah's room"

"Go look on Mom and Dad's bed"

"Look in Mom's closet"

(Their very own REAL Bibles)

"For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart."
Hebrews 4:12

I got this idea from this blog...written by an amazing mom who is very committed to discipling her kids and raising them surrounded by the truth. She has some GREAT ideas, and she is so encouraging to moms of young children. She is actually on a bloggy break, but her blog is still full of things to read through and wisdom to glean!!