Lest you think my life is perfect...

A list of things that might make you feel better about yourself:

In the past 2 weeks, my one-year-old has:
sucked all of the pink out of the tip of a hot pink marker,
eaten the tip OFF of that marker,
eaten part of at least 2 crayons,
and attempted to eat...yes, eat...a glass ornament ball, filled with paint

Just today, I folded clothes that had been in the dryer for over 2 days
(and I didn't even run the dryer to get the wrinkles out...I just hung and folded them as-is)

You should see what my children eat all day...

My 6-year-old frequently impresses me with things he knows, and when I ask him where he learned it from, it is very often from a TV show.

I give my one-year-old food (and even candy) in a cup to keep him occupied while we do school in the mornings. (Did you see the first thing I wrote???)

That one-year-old walks around the house with that cup and makes quite a mess. Often, I just wait for him to "clean it up" when he gets hungry again in the next 30 minutes or so.

I stay up WAY too late at night and am WAY too grumpy in the morning because of it.

I cook maybe one good meal a week, and by "good" I mean semi-good for you...I definitely don't guarantee that it will taste good.

There...now do you feel better about yourself?? You should easily be able to beat me in at least one of the areas above!!!! We all have our strengths and weaknesses :) We all need Jesus just the same!!


Anonymous said…
Just 2 days in the dryer?!! I cancertainly beat that one!

Did the marker make that sweet little one sick? I bet he looked a mess! I need to check my house before you come! hahaha!
Really, Mom???? I am shocked you would leave clothes in the dryer that long!!! hehe :) No it didn't make him sick. I was worried, though. Yes, he is into EVERYTHING. We call him "Monster" often...so whatever you can put out of reach would be great. He is usually better at other people's houses, although he might get comfy at your house and start exploring :)

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