Christmas Fun, Day 4

Today, we read Luke 2 and made Graham Cracker nativity scenes. I loved watching the boys' creativity and fine motor skills at work. Titus' nativity scene won first place in my book for sure.

The master at work:
That is a donkey outside the stable (Justus'):
Baby Jesus lying in a manger (Justus'), and you can also see a shepherd outside "watching his sheep." I could NOT find the miniature candy canes to use as the shepherds' staffs, and I was so disappointed about that!!
Mary on the donkey:
Star that led the magi to Jesus
*We know the magi didn't actually see Jesus as a baby but, rather, when he was older. This was just so we could use our star cereal :)

(By the way, I never knew there was so much controversy in the atheist world about this whole "star following" thing. I love how I continue to learn things as I teach my children. My explanation to the star debate, when we decide to discuss it with the boys, will be that it was a miracle. God made everything, therefore He is in charge of everything...therefore He can create a star for this sole purpose, move it where He wants it to go, and then make it vanish if He so wills. I mean really, we are talking about a virgin...with a baby...who is Jesus...who is God in the flesh...yet God's "only begotten SON"...I don't think God intended for us to understand everything involved here.)


chrissy said…
That is awesome Anna! I have all those ingredients! I think manger scenes are in our very near future! I SO need to see you before we start this whole homeschooling process! You're amazing.

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