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Went to the park today.........

...and you know I took pictures and had to post them on the blog!:)
(My comp. isn't letting me edit the pics at the moment, but here they are anyway!)

Sorry, I know that is a LOT of pictures for one post about a simple trip to the park (ironically following another post with a LOT of pictures from Justus' bday party.) However, this blog is slowly becoming my online photo album (aside from it being my online journal and my online scrapbook!!) I haven't printed pictures in I couldn't TELL you how long, so onto the b

Couldn't think of a clever title........

Justus had his long-awaited Spiderman party today!! It's so fun now, because he actually has friends...not just kids his own age who happen to be in church, school, neighborhood with him...but actual friends he asks to play with and asked to invite to his party. The kids had so much fun. It is amazing how a water slide and a little pool of water can keep them entertained for so long. The pinata was a little funny, because apparently (we just found out TODAY!) Party City doesn't sell BLACK stretch and shape balloons, which is what we were planning on using for the legs of the spider pinata. Now, if I had actually finished the pinata a week ago and had looked into this sooner (!!!), I might have had time to look elsewhere. BUT never fear, b/c we had plenty of purple balloons. Check out the pictures below of the CRAZY funny boys going down the slide and all of the baseball practice they got out of that pinata (which was a little difficult to break...but better than busting on the…