1, 2 Buckle My Shoe, 3, 4, AND MANY MORE!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Justus!!! We can't believe you're four years old!! (Daddy called you "an old man" today...haha) I had to get a couple pictures of you first thing this morning...

We are having a party with your friends in a week and a half, but we celebrated your actual birthday today with a smoothie from Starbucks, a trip to the pet store (just to look!!!;)), dinner and arcade games at Cici's, and cake and presents at our house. Daddy surprised you and came home early from school with a SPIDERMAN BIKE!!! (your first big boy bike)

It was about to storm this evening, so you brought it inside and rode it in the house. (Titus is very excited about your new bike, because he gets to ride your motorcycle now:))

We love you so much, Justus. We love your sweet smile, your growing vocabulary, your laugh, your millions of questions:), your sensitivity, and your compassion. You are a wonderful big brother, and your little brothers are so blessed to have you!! Happy 4th Birthday!!!

4 things you love:
Buzz Lightyear
The Happy Birthday song
Chicken Nuggets

4 things you do NOT like:
When Titus takes your toys
If your tag is sticking out of your shirt
Struggling to open something, fix clothes that are inside out, or anything you need help with after figuring out you can't do it yourself!

Oh...and we've all been singing this song all day. (No political statements intended...We just like the catchy beat, and it was fitting for the new bike:))


Jack said…
Thank you for inviting us over 4 cupcakes! and i cannot believe how fast you can go on your new spiderman bike.

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