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Justus had his long-awaited Spiderman party today!! It's so fun now, because he actually has friends...not just kids his own age who happen to be in church, school, neighborhood with him...but actual friends he asks to play with and asked to invite to his party. The kids had so much fun. It is amazing how a water slide and a little pool of water can keep them entertained for so long. The pinata was a little funny, because apparently (we just found out TODAY!) Party City doesn't sell BLACK stretch and shape balloons, which is what we were planning on using for the legs of the spider pinata. Now, if I had actually finished the pinata a week ago and had looked into this sooner (!!!), I might have had time to look elsewhere. BUT never fear, b/c we had plenty of purple balloons. Check out the pictures below of the CRAZY funny boys going down the slide and all of the baseball practice they got out of that pinata (which was a little difficult to break...but better than busting on the first person's turn....right??????:)) Anyway, without further ado, the pictures! (Prepare yourself, there are a LOT!!!)

First, a Pinata Tutorial (if you feel like making a ghetto pinata anytime soon)......

Combine 1 part flour to 2 parts water, tear up strips of newspaper,
and place one layer on blown up balloon. It helps to put the balloon on a bowl.
Allow one layer to dry, then do 2-3 more layers, allowing each to dry in between.

Pop the balloon once the final layer is dry and admire your handiwork:)

Cover with crepe paper. DO NOT use Elmer's glue, like some tutorials tell you.
It WILL turn your hands awful colors and bleed through the crepe paper!
Thank goodness we had a bunch of double-sided tape...worked like a charm!

Realize spiders have heads and repeat the above process on a smaller balloon.

Fill body with candy and lots of crumpled up newspaper or crepe paper.
(Without the crumpled up scraps, the candy all sinks to the bottom of the pinata.)

Attach the head with duct tape...yes, I'm serious!

Cover up said duct tape with crepe paper, so no one knows it's there.
Oops, guess I let the cat out of the bag!

Create eyes out of red crepe paper, tape on
Attach whatever those things are called on the side of spiders' heads
(in our case, black twisty ties with black crepe paper to cover)

Take picture of the birthday boy with his prized, long awaited pinata
(Good thing it's easy to please a child;))

Hang pinata on bird feeder with clothes line and pray it doesn't break before the kids get here!!

Now, for pics of the party...
(If you are parents of the kids who came, I always feel funny about posting pics on here of other kids. I hope it is okay that I posted some. I didn't disclose their names! It is a private, invitation-only blog, so only my close friends and family are on the "Readers" list...and who knows how many of them actually read it;) Thanks so much for coming!!!)

Crazy boys on the slide!!!!!!!! hahaha

(We had this slide at Justus' 2 year bday party, and he wouldn't even go down it!!)

FINALLY!! Time for cake:)

Titus digs in

Titus got into the icing left on the cake plate at the end of the party

Happy birthday again, Juice!!!!!!!!!! We love you:)


Jack said…
Thanks for inviting us to the spida man party we had alot of fun!

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