Went to the park today.........

...and you know I took pictures and had to post them on the blog!:)
(My comp. isn't letting me edit the pics at the moment, but here they are anyway!)

Sorry, I know that is a LOT of pictures for one post about a simple trip to the park (ironically following another post with a LOT of pictures from Justus' bday party.) However, this blog is slowly becoming my online photo album (aside from it being my online journal and my online scrapbook!!) I haven't printed pictures in I couldn't TELL you how long, so onto the blog they went for safe-keeping! At least you didn't have to read a ton of words, right?


Jessica said…
I like all the pics :)
Anonymous said…
I like the pictures! Keep 'em coming! We miss you all soooooooo much!!!

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