Being a Fly on the Wall

Justus talking to Titus today during lunch:

J: "What do you want for lunch today, Titus?" (after I had already served them their lunch:))
T: "Ummmmmm"
J: "Probably you want pancakes and bacon and eggs?"
T: "Yeah!! Pancakes!"
J: "You just want pancakes, not bacon or not eggs?"
T: "Yeah"
J: "Well, when I was a little boy, I used to just eat pancakes, b/c I liked them a lot. But when I was a little boy, I didn't like eggs or bacon...but now I eat all of it!"

While we were eating, I noticed a rather large scrape on Titus' knee that he must have gotten outside while I was making their lunch, so I told Titus I needed to clean it. I went and got a cold, wet cloth to hold on their for a few minutes. Titus did not like must have stung.

J: "It's okay, Bud. Just look at me. It's okay. Just look at me."
T: (crying a little bit) "It hurts!"
J: "Titus, you want to go outside and play with me?"
T: "Yeah. I wanna go outside."
J: "Okay, just eat your lunch really fast, and then you can go outside with me, okay???"

And about 10 seconds later,

T: "I wanna take a nap." (Sorry, Justus, the boy loves to sleep:))


Anonymous said…
This is great! Justus is the sweetest! I can't wait to see all they boys. Thank you for recording and sharing these precious things.

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