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I look to You

I've been struggling lately. Struggling with impatience, unhappiness, anger. And since I'm analytical at heart, I have been searching and digging for why things have been that way. Why am I having such a hard time? Who should I turn to? What are the solutions?

I've looked to pinterest. I've read articles and blogs on how to be a better housekeeper, how to be a happier mom, how to get siblings to get along. I've tried "systems" for each of these things, and if they work, I commit to doing them for all of eternity and usually get through my commitment for about a week or two. I fail, I quit, I give up, or I just plain forget.

I listened to a sermon this morning on grace. Per my natural bent, I listened in search of answers to my problems. What can I put in to practice in my home to make it a happier place? What can I walk away with that will make me a better person?

But the more I listened…the more the pastor spoke on grace…the more I realized that that'…