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O Tannenbaum

You can also check out our paper Christmas trees here!

25 Days of Christmas for 2011

Here are our plans for this year. One special activity for every day!! I will post pics of the "calendar" I made as well as our names of God tree on the "Day 1" post :)
I am so giddy about Christmas this year...I probably am every year, but it seems to just get more fun, I come up with new, exciting ideas, and the kids understand more and more as they get older.

1. Begin our 25 names of God tree 2. Play at the mall and take family Christmas picture (There are various spots I hope to get pics of the boys individually or sounds like a good idea in theory. We shall see!) 3. Read true story of St. Nicholas and go to Bass Pro shop for pictures with Santa (We operate under the idea that we might as well tell our children who that guy we see everywhere at Christmas time is representing!!! It also makes for a fun tradition, and it's fun to set out pics from years past to see how everyone has grown.)
4. Read Luke 2:1-20; Make Graham Cracker manger scenes…

Happy Birthday, Eli!!!!!!

You're THREE!!! (or as you like to say, freeve!)
You looked like such a big boy today sitting at the table, talking to Grammy and me. I couldn't hardly take my eyes off of's been so amazing watching you grow and mature. You still have plenty of things to work on, but we are so happy to be on this journey with you. You are funny, full of life, and SUCH a sweet boy.

Three Interesting Facts about you at this point in your life:
1. You sleep in a big boy bed now!!! It is a toddler bed, but you didn't have any issues moving out of your crib whatsoever.
2. You were also a pro at "potty training." I put that in quotes, because there really was no training to it!
3. You are in Mother's Day Out a couple days a week, and you l.o.v.e. it!! You actually get upset sometimes if it's not a "school" day...but then you are thrilled to "do" school with your big brothers :)

Three Funny Facts about you at this stage:
1. You have this hilari…

Fossil Rim Fun (Eli's birthday celebration)

Right inside the gate, the ostriches were pecking at our car and Derek's hand. It was crazy, a little intimidating for the kids, but hilarious all at the same time.

So just for the record...Derek didn't actually touch his lips to this animal.
This picture sure makes it look like he did! haha

I know this isn't a great picture, but I love memories like this :)
(What is sweeter than a big brother taking his little brother under his wing?!)