Remember this?? Fun Fotos: Bokeh

I LOVED doing this photo challenge, but I guess I just got away from it and got distracted, and life moved on....Funny how that happens! The last time I posted on it was at the end of August! haha Anyway, the idea popped back in my head the other day (when I was realizing how few pictures I had been taking lately in general), and I decided to start back up!

So here come a couple posts to hopefully spur me on to the completion of this challenge (which I already began at a later time than the author of it created it for!)

I love this...totally looks like Christmas lights, but it is our neighbors' tree with the sun shining behind it. Let's remember, I am NOT a photographer. (and FYI in case you don't know what Bokeh's supposed to be "out of focus." I just don't know how to do it very, well, professionally :) )

Up next: Eyes


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