Fossil Rim Fun (Eli's birthday celebration)

Right inside the gate, the ostriches were pecking at our car and Derek's hand. It was crazy, a little intimidating for the kids, but hilarious all at the same time.

So just for the record...Derek didn't actually touch his lips to this animal.
This picture sure makes it look like he did! haha

I know this isn't a great picture, but I love memories like this :)
(What is sweeter than a big brother taking his little brother under his wing?!)

Our precious boy...3 years old now. Unbelievable!

This cheetah was on pins and needles,
pacing back and forth restlessly...
See why?
(He even bit the fence in an attempt to get his teeth on this deer. It was pretty cool to watch.)

(The deer, however, was not phased a bit.)

This was probably Titus' favorite part about our time at Fossil Rim. The boys took turns driving, and wow, Titus was by far the best driver! He had a blast.

I had fun with the mirror shots. Some didn't turn out well...I wish I had taken more!
After Fossil Rim, we went to Dinosaur World, just down the street.

The boys got to dig for fossils (and keep their 3 favorite.)
We didn't get to stay very long, because there were T-Rex on the loose!!!!!


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