Completely random cuteness

Today, Justus made a birthday card for his friend, and spelled birthday: "brfda"
Love it...

He also wrote Jer. 3:something (I can't remember the verse) on the front of the card. I haven't looked up what that verse says, and it's not one we've been learning (so he wasn't writing a verse he knew)...I just love that he thought to write a verse on there for her.

I also love that the 3 oldest boys have been so excited about praying for the boys we are sending Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes to. They keep talking about "the boys" and loved shopping for them and packing up the goodies. They really, really want to hand deliver the boxes themselves. I wish we could!!

Today in the car, Eli said, "MOM! Titus HIT me!!"
I responded with, "Well, tell him not to!"
Eli, in his most stern voice and serious face looked at Titus and said, "NOT TO!!!"

Justus and Titus and Eli had the job of cleaning TOYS today in order for me to be able to actually CLEAN (vacuum, dust, etc.) the house tomorrow. While cleaning up Legos, Justus made a game out of it, and they tried to clean all of them up before he counted to 100. They didn't reach their goal, so he counted to 110. When they went upstairs to pick up toys in the playroom, Titus asked him to count again, and Justus said, "No. My cheeks hurt from doing that last time!"


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