Fall Festivities

This past weekend was filled with pumpkin activities, candy, a hay ride and festival games, trick or treating, and dressing up numerous times in costumes. We had fun with friends, family, and our awesome church family. Derek and I discussed and prayed about what to do this year for Halloween, and I would say we discovered what we felt was best for our family. I felt burdened this year by all of the controversy surrounding this "holiday," and Derek and I decided to lay everything out for (and WITH) our children. I would love to do more research on the history of Halloween and approach it from that angle, too, but we'll cross that road again next year ;) Now, we just have to deal with what to do with all of this candy around our house!!! Ugh...

Anyway, here are the cute pictures, because that's all any of us really care about, right?! ;)


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