Happy Birthday, Eli!!!!!!

You're THREE!!! (or as you like to say, freeve!)
You looked like such a big boy today sitting at the table, talking to Grammy and me. I couldn't hardly take my eyes off of you...it's been so amazing watching you grow and mature. You still have plenty of things to work on, but we are so happy to be on this journey with you. You are funny, full of life, and SUCH a sweet boy.

Three Interesting Facts about you at this point in your life:
1. You sleep in a big boy bed now!!! It is a toddler bed, but you didn't have any issues moving out of your crib whatsoever.
2. You were also a pro at "potty training." I put that in quotes, because there really was no training to it!
3. You are in Mother's Day Out a couple days a week, and you l.o.v.e. it!! You actually get upset sometimes if it's not a "school" day...but then you are thrilled to "do" school with your big brothers :)

Three Funny Facts about you at this stage:

1. You have this hilarious laugh when you get excited about something (it almost sounds like you are trying to be evil), but it is just so funny and makes everyone laugh every single time.
2. You have a really funny voice. Depending on what you say, it is either really annoying (and we tell you, "Eli!! Just talk in a normal voice!!" ...even though that IS your normal voice!), OR it can be really sweet and funny.
3. One of those "funny" times is when you sing, "hamburger, cheeseburger, lettuce, and tomato, mustard, mayo, french fried potato, hot dog, chili sauce, barbeque, a baked ham bone, and a big beef stew." (a special thanks to Granddude for that song!)

Three of my favorite pictures of you from this past year of your life:


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