Change of Plans AND Fun Fotos: Water

There's water on our slide today,
we can't go out and play.
The ground is wet and muddy,
much to our dismay.

We went ahead and begged our mom,
thought we'd ask her anyway...
And since she loves to see us smile,
she told us, "Yes, you may."

Now, don't cry over muddy pants,
or shirts or hands or shoes.
Times like these we must be willing
to drop all those "to-do's."

They say these days are fleeting
"They're only young once," you know?
In this, my house, with little boys
I just HAD to let them go!

My kitchen floor is covered in grass
and dirt and mud and goo
But I hope this speaks (without my lips)
the words, "I do love you!"


So cute! Love all the pictures, and that last one?! Oh my goodness, you've got some beautiful boys:)
Jessie said…
Oh that's so sweet!! Love the pictures too :-D

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