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In death and tragedy

I am so overcome with sadness and confusion when I think of the darkness and despair of this world. When we struggle with our own sin, when we constantly attempt to teach our children right from wrong, when a loved one dies, when we experience divorce or desperation or tragedy. We see and feel the hurt and have this need to do something about the emotions we're experiencing. We're left with one of three decisions.
We can get mad at the One who created us. The One we know is in control and could put an end to all the hurt. Why is He allowing this? He isn't as loving as I thought He was. When things don't make sense, we find ourselves wanting to somehow push it away with rejection and hardness. 
Or? We can deny His existence completely. This doesn't feel right, so this can't BE right. There must be another answer. Some other "truth." No way there can be a "God" when all of our world is suffering so greatly so often.
But both of these decision…