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Mimi and Grandude

My parents were in town for a week. They came to celebrate Titus' birthday and to watch the boys play football. Sadly, the boys ended up only having practice that week, as the Saturday games were canceled because of rain. However, much fun was had....
There was trampoline jumping...

Trampoline spectating

Games aplenty! 

Twister (in which we discovered Titus has "ligament laxity" can thank my doctor husband for the official name)

board games

and of course, iphone games

We love, love having playful, healthy grandparents come visit us!!! :)

Flag Football time again!!

I took these pictures with my phone, so hopefully I'll get some good ones with my camera this season.
Aren't they so cute out there?! Eli and Josiah are on the same team this season. It's a Pre-K/Kindergarten team, and we are all about the ease of putting kids on the same team(s).

Eli is a beast. He's so competitive, and it shows in his focus and determination in practices and games. It makes us laugh. He is now dubbed "Beast Mode" thanks to flag football. Finally, I appreciate and see the positives of his major competitive spirit.
Josiah is actually doing pretty well. At four years old (and a little bit...well, a lot of bit...of a hyperactive child), we weren't sure if he would stay focused/listen/keep his head in the game. He is so fun-loving and social, and he seems to be really enjoying football as well as getting a good grip on what he's supposed to be doing out there. They have had him at center quite a bit, which is great, because he stands in…

Titus is eight!!!

A video of clips from the day...pretty sloppy and the noise cuts out at the end. Ugh Oh well...good times :)

And now some pics:

Eight years old!!!!!??????

Yeah, we kind of like Chuck E Cheese, too.

The boys are all so very much into basketball right now

Grandude trying a little football

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!  Naomi, may you be a woman who is able to laugh at herself :) (and one day look back at this picture and love it!)


Look at that stud!!! Goodness, he is good looking. Titus, you are close in line :)

Naomi loved Chuck E Cheese

We were so glad to have Grandude and Mimi here!

Finally, we celebrated at Grammy's house with a traditional birthday dinner and Grammy's yummy homemade birthday cake (complete with Lego candles!)

8 Years

I love the excitement on his friends' faces!

Beautiful snow day

Haha! "Dad, really? Why are you laying in the snow?"

Naomi's first snow day! (first time to go out in it anyway)

"Um, no thank you. I want no part in touching that stuff."