Titus is eight!!!

A video of clips from the day...pretty sloppy and the noise cuts out at the end. Ugh
Oh well...good times :)

And now some pics:

Eight years old!!!!!??????

Yeah, we kind of like Chuck E Cheese, too.

The boys are all so very much into basketball right now

Grandude trying a little football

Naomi, may you be a woman who is able to laugh at herself :)
(and one day look back at this picture and love it!)


Look at that stud!!! Goodness, he is good looking.
Titus, you are close in line :)

Naomi loved Chuck E Cheese

We were so glad to have Grandude and Mimi here!

Finally, we celebrated at Grammy's house with a traditional birthday dinner and Grammy's yummy homemade birthday cake (complete with Lego candles!)

Happy birthday, T!!


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