Flag Football time again!!

I took these pictures with my phone, so hopefully I'll get some good ones with my camera this season.

Aren't they so cute out there?! Eli and Josiah are on the same team this season. It's a Pre-K/Kindergarten team, and we are all about the ease of putting kids on the same team(s).

Eli is a beast. He's so competitive, and it shows in his focus and determination in practices and games. It makes us laugh. He is now dubbed "Beast Mode" thanks to flag football. Finally, I appreciate and see the positives of his major competitive spirit.

Josiah is actually doing pretty well. At four years old (and a little bit...well, a lot of bit...of a hyperactive child), we weren't sure if he would stay focused/listen/keep his head in the game. He is so fun-loving and social, and he seems to be really enjoying football as well as getting a good grip on what he's supposed to be doing out there. They have had him at center quite a bit, which is great, because he stands in one place and because he gets to touch the ball every time :)

Justus is so much more aggressive this season than he was last season. It's so fun to see him maturing in that way. He is a little athlete, that is for sure!

Titus loves football. He jumps around out on the field the whole time, dancing and doing all kinds of pro-football player moves. His team last season was amazingly good, so he had a lot of fun winning all the time. We'll see how this team does!

Derek is coaching Titus and Justus' teams, so that leaves us girls on the sidelines, cheering on our boys. I'll hopefully get some good pics of Naomi watching her heroes :)


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