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Happy Valentine's Day, Love!!!

The kitchen floor was covered with crumbs,
the living room filled with cries.
It was pretty and even romantic
but a different kind of Valentine's.

We ordered in your favorite meal
we ate by candlelight
with four cute boys sitting all around us
it was an interesting night.

I got stressed out,
I might have sighed more than a time or two.
but all that matters and what I loved
is that the night was spent with you.

One day these kids will all be gone
grown and on their own,
and we'll be left to peace and quiet
a lonely night at home.

When that day comes I'm sure we'll say,
"Do you remember when?"
We'll smile and tear and reminisce
the life we had back then.

And so for now, we'll have to make do
with parties of more than two
but I'll be happy just as long
as I know it's always with you.

*We celebrated Valentine's Day over numerous days this year (which you know about if you're friends with me on FB or have seen the posts on our homeschool blog......I gave Derek his…

Family Bible Time

The mom who writes this blog is incredible. She is using the gifts God gave her to minister wholeheartedly to her family, and I am learning MUCH through her example. One thing we have adopted in our family (just one of the many blessings of reading her blog) is Family Bible Time. Now, I know a LOT of families do Family Devotionals and things like that...but I never felt like the ideas/examples I tried to mirror worked for our family. With the ages of our boys and the work schedule Derek has to keep up with, I needed JUST what this sweet woman was blogging about. A couple weeks ago, Jessica (because we might as well call her by her first name, right?) wrote on her blog that she wanted to be held accountable for having these Family Bible Times. She invited us (her readers) to commit to doing this regularly as well. Since our Family Bible Times pretty much halted once Christmas fun began, I was thrilled to jump on the wagon!!

Here is Jessica's post about this call to commitment, here

How great, how wide, how deep!

"How deep the Father's love for us,
How vast beyond all measure
That He should give His only Son
To make a wretch His treasure

How great the pain of searing loss,
The Father turns His face away
As wounds which mar the chosen One,
Bring many sons to glory

Behold the Man upon a cross,
My sin upon His shoulders
Ashamed I hear my mocking voice,
Call out among the scoffers

It was my sin that left Him there
Until it was accomplished
His dying breath has brought me life
I know that it is finished

I will not boast in anything
No gifts, no power, no wisdom
But I will boast in Jesus Christ
His death and resurrection

Why should I gain from His reward?
I cannot give an answer
But this I know with all my heart
His wounds have paid my ransom"

~"How Deep the Father's Love for us"
Stuart Townend

Friday Photos

Our week in pictures...
A boy and his monster trucks...doesn't get much better than that

A sweet note from my boys on our "I love" message board

A cute realization that a high windowsill does not a convenient table make :)

Fun Fotos: Love

I'm on fire for you!!
A little fun with my photo on :)

Shhhhh...Painting in Progress


Fun Fotos: Black and White


Shhh, Don't Tell Derek :)


A Titus Funny

Today, the boys wrote notes on our bathroom mirror for Derek to be surprised by (for one of our LOVE projects.) Titus told me, "Mom! Look I wrote KungFu Panda! It's on my shirt, see?"

Note the mirror image of what he was seeing on his shirt...So cute :)

Super Bowl!!!!!!


Friday Photos

Our week in Pictures...

Officially 1 1/2

A boy in his shades (Look closely, can you spot him??)

Firewood still lies

February is here

The Big Picture

~ Breakfast for Dinner (Before the Storm) ~

Keep fighting!! (...or get started!!)

"We have been snared in the coils of a spurious logic which insists that if we have found Him, we need no more seek Him." (Tozer, The Pursuit of God)

It is an awesome chase, let's not grow weary!! The more we seek Him and look to Him, the less we seek elsewhere...

A page later, Tozer writes, "In the midst of this great chill there are some...who will not be content with shallow logic. They will admit the force of the argument, and then turn away with tears to hunt some lonely place and pray, 'O God, show me thy glory.' They want to taste, to touch with their hearts, to see with their inner eyes the wonder that is God."

A few days ago, John Piper posted an amazing thought on Facebook.
If you weary of God's glory displayed in our million-earths-size sun, consider a billion-suns-size star.(This link was part of that post.)

If we are overwhelmed by the thought of the glory of God here, while we are still on this wretched earth...dare we try to wrap our head…

Lots of Love this month!!

"And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works."
Hebrews 10:24

Yesterday, the boys began 14 days of showing Daddy how much they love him.
We compiled a list of ideas, decorated some wooden hearts, and kicked the whole thing off with some "I love you!!" cards and his first heart. Each heart has a quality written on it...something we love about Derek (obviously, I helped them think of some of them!!)

This is all part of our LOVE themed month of February...part of homeschooling (and so some of the things we do will be listed on that blog.) Another way we are learning to love is with these love bowls:

Each time we catch a child in the act of love, they get a piece of candy in their bowl. If they are doing the OPPOSITE of love, however, they lose a piece. On Valentine's Day, they get to eat whatever candy they have earned.

February Plans

*hint: Click on the link.