Happy Valentine's Day, Love!!!

The kitchen floor was covered with crumbs,
the living room filled with cries.
It was pretty and even romantic
but a different kind of Valentine's.

We ordered in your favorite meal
we ate by candlelight
with four cute boys sitting all around us
it was an interesting night.

I got stressed out,
I might have sighed more than a time or two.
but all that matters and what I loved
is that the night was spent with you.

One day these kids will all be gone
grown and on their own,
and we'll be left to peace and quiet
a lonely night at home.

When that day comes I'm sure we'll say,
"Do you remember when?"
We'll smile and tear and reminisce
the life we had back then.

And so for now, we'll have to make do
with parties of more than two
but I'll be happy just as long
as I know it's always with you.

*We celebrated Valentine's Day over numerous days this year (which you know about if you're friends with me on FB or have seen the posts on our homeschool blog......I gave Derek his official "Valentine's Day" Sunday night, so that's what this post is about :)


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