Christmas Fun, Day 17

Last night, we camped out by the Christmas tree...well, Justus and Titus did...and then I came in and slept on the couch around 2 am. Things don't always go as planned :)

Derek and I decided last minute that we would have Christmas the following morning. A little early, a little surprise, no one complained :) We have other plans for Christmas day, so we wanted to make sure the boys had a chance to open presents and enjoy that time as a family.

So why were the grown-ups up so late? Well, the best daddy in the whole world was building this.

And after building this castle, we realized it wouldn't last 5 seconds with our 4 we decided to hot glue it together. Even at 2 am, we were calling it quits before the project was complete. But enough is enough already. Here are a few pics from this morning:

Sheer thrill over a Pez dispenser. I love it :)

Sheer excitement over more candy

And with that, Eli was ready to be done.


Another child completely fine just having candy. Maybe we'll just do stockings next year :)


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