Flea Frustrations........

Well, we're dealing with fleas again. I'm not really sure how they've made a comeback, but from what I've read online, once you have them badly once, (and even after "taking care of them") they can come back season after season. She's at the groomer's right now getting a flea bath, she is shaved, and has frontline on. For now, we are taking her over to Jack's apt. to stay for awhile while we get our house and yard under control. I was starting to go nuts with seeing fleas on the boys and on the couch/carpet. Justus' rash is coming back on his leg, and his legs just look horrible with flea bites, mosquito bites, bruises, and that rash. With that and a new baby coming, we definitely wanted to get this taken care of. Sooo, Nugget will be at Jack's indefinitely!! We feel bad about "getting rid" of her, but we feel good that she will be with someone who will take care of her. We will still get to see her a lot, and honestly she will be getting much more attention this way. (Here lately, we have only let her in the house at night (and she goes straight to her crate so she's not on furniture, etc.) I'm picking her up in half an hour and we're heading over to Jack's. (We don't want her to take any fleas over there, so we're not bringing her back home at all beforehand!) Anyway, that's today's news. Sounds fun, huh?:)


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