A month later....

Still experimenting here!!:) Let's see how often I post stuff in the next couple weeks...then I'll send out invitations to family to check out this blog! haha

So Justus' new favorite thing to say is "Awesome!!" Everything is awesome. "That's awesome, Mom...Look, Mom, AWESOME!!" Everything neat he does is awesome, and I think it's so funny that he says that now. I think he picked it up awhile ago from his friend, Cameron, but he's just started saying it all the time now.

Titus loves birds and will even pick up on a singing bird while we're eating and talking at lunch. Like today, we were eating Bernie O's, Justus was talking nonstop as usual, and all of a sudden, Titus goes (gasp) "Bird!!" Sure enough, a bird was singing outside. Titus is very observant, very independent, and WAY better at talking than Justus was at this age!! (Having a constantly talking 3 year old around helps, I'm sure!!)

One more story...Justus has a Screen Machine Spaceship, which he calls his motorcycle. He and Titus were playing today, and Justus announced that he was going to Ga-Bob's (Grandbob's) house. Titus hopped on the "motorcycle" behind him, and off they went! When they "got to Grandbob's house," Justus ran around our house saying "Yea!! We're at Grandbob's house! Yeaaaaaa!!" haha


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