Trick or Sneezing

Well, snotty noses and all, we trekked over to the mall to do a quick run around for candy. Justus and Titus were both sick with a cold and cough, but we had been talking about trick or treating for some time now...and you know Justus wasn't going to just let that go!! Justus was Spiderman, and Titus was (of course) Superman...since that's the costume Justus wore LAST year!! They were a cute pair, and I actually saw a couple other Spiderman/Superman duos trick or treating together. The boys had fun looking at the other kids' costumes, and were a little overwhelmed by the crowd and craziness. We didn't stay that long, but we made it around to most of the stores handing out candy and took a few minutes to sit and people-watch while Justus ate a sucker:) We made it home for an almost on-time bedtime, so that was good! Here's some pics of the boys....


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