Recent conversations

J: Mom, remember last time when I 'singed' when I had water in my mouth?
Me: You sang with water in your mouth?
J: No, no...I SINGED with water in my mouth.

(Eating his lunch with his Batman costume on, mask pulled up above his eyes.)
T: I'm going to take my mask off now, Mom, because I can't eat very so well.
(Very so anything is our favorite thing Titus says right now. "I don't feel very so well. It doesn't taste very so good. That is very so hard." etc. We love quoting him on that one :) )

E: aijrrghbc lkajdjk aohe ohiearho eorijaidij, right, Mom?
Me: ummmmm, I'm not really sure what you just said, bud!

E: I ahnna shousumthin (translated: I want to show you something.)
Me: Ok, show me!
E: (taking my hand) I want that! (pointing to candy on the kitchen counter)
(and after about 3 times of this, I decide to answer his "I ahnna shousumthin" with "No, Eli. You can't have any more candy today.")


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