Josiah is 5 months old!!

Josiah, you are the EASIEST baby I have ever had the privilege of mothering :) No offense to your brothers...your ease is a blessing from the good Lord above. When you're cranky, it either means you're tired, hungry, or need your diaper changed. You like attention...but since you have three older brothers, that is not something you are often lacking! You wake up in the morning, and play and talk and squeal in your bed until I roll over to greet you. When I say "hi," you give me the biggest smile and never cease to make me smile and laugh before my feet hit the floor. What a nice alarm I have!

You are not a thumb sucker like two of your big brothers. We thought you would be, but it turns out you like to suck your fingers. You are not partial to any one or two will suck any that happen to make it into your mouth at the moment. (Sometimes, it does end up being a thumb, and you're okay with that, too.)

You are very observant and love watching whoever is in the room with you. You squeal with delight when anyone stops to say hi, and we think it is so adorable.

I know someone who calls this baby stage the "Rotisserie" age, and I would say that is very accurate to your daily routine. I rotate you from the bed to the breast to the swing to the changing table to the floor for tummy time most every day. You will occasionally join me in the kitchen while I make a meal...either in the wrap, the exersaucer, or the bouncy seat.

When you smile, your whole face lights up. Not only does YOUR face light up, but typically, anyone who sees you smile cannot help but do the same.

You love when your daddy comes home. You stare at him like he is the most amazing thing you have ever seen. You squeal, you smile, and we can see the love on your face. It is the sweetest thing.

You can roll from your front to your back, but I'm not entirely sure if you know how to go the other way. Sometimes, I will leave a room with you having just rolled to your back...but when I come back in the room, you are on your tummy again. I still haven't figured out if it's you doing that or one of your brothers helping you :)

You are a piece of cake to put down for bed or for a nap. I feed you, lay you in bed on your tummy, and you stick a couple fingers in your mouth and drift off to sleep. I have never experienced this as a mom...and I am so glad we don't have to figure out if we're going to let you "cry it out." One day, I just tried to lay you down while you were awake, and you went right to's been that way ever since. ha!! Praise Jesus!!!

Do I even need to say anymore? You are a joy, the apple of everyone in this house's eyes, and you make the toughest of days end well by simply being you! We love you!!


Anonymous said…
What a sweet, sweet love-filled entry!!! What great plans God must have for Josiah's life!
He is such a cutie!!! And I'm so glad that you were able to stop by our blog. I look forward to getting to know you more! :) Us moms with many young ones need to stick together! :)
You asked about where we get our activities that go along with the Bible stories/verses from. Well, almost everything we do school-wise comes right out of our curriculum- Heart of Dakota (right now we are using Little Hands to Heaven & Little Hearts for His Glory)... we LOVE it! All of our other family time ideas, etc. just come from my husband or me trying to think something up that would work well with our little ones! :)
Have a wonderful day!
sunnyd said…
Sounds JUST like Judah...what a blessing!!

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