I'm a magician!

Josiah hasn't pooped in days? I simply give him a bath, and voila! a complete blow out diaper!

Need any one of my nappers to take an extremely long nap to catch up on their sleep? Plan an afternoon outing and voila! 4 hour nap

Have a desire to visit a public restroom? Take the kids ANYWHERE and voila! Titus has to poop.

Want my husband to start exercising? I move the baby's bed into my closet so he sleeps all night and voila! Justus and Titus start calling "Daddy!!" at various hours of the night, sending Derek up and down the stairs a ridiculous amount of times.

Want to make sure the kitchen floor gets a double-dose of mopping even if I don't feel like doing it twice? Simple! Just mop it ONCE and voila! Someone manages to make a huge mess of something very sticky or disgusting, and I don't have a choice but to mop again! (Aren't they so sweet...they just want to make my job easier, don't they?!)

Haven't seen my husband as much as I would like? I simply proclaim, "You know, I haven't had a headache in a really long time!" and boom! Headache to beat all headaches leads me to a visit at my Chiropractor's office :)

...Okay, maybe I'm not really a magician and those are just some crazy ironies...but Justus DID tell me, "You're a genius!" the other day when I helped him pull out one of his work boxes that was jammed shut!! (As long as he continues to believe that, we're doing well!" haha)


Anonymous said…
Hilarious!!!......yet true!!

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