Happy Birthday, Justus!!!

Oh my...now we have kids with birthdays 2 days apart. Justus' party was planned for the Saturday after his actual birthday...which ended up being 4 days after Josiah was born! ha!! Well, you know what they say?! The party must go on...

There was face painting,

balloon sword fighting,

game riding and playing,

praying over the birthday boy,

mother-of-all-cakes eating,
(Guess who let the birthday boy pick out this
gargantuan cake? Mom or Dad??)
(Eli...always ready to eat :) )

a soundly sleeping baby,
(Call me a horrible mother for having him there,
but it was either bring the baby or miss my first
baby's FIFTH birthday!! I mean, come on!)

fun with friends and family,

(Eli was hiding from the "scary" monster
on top of the skeet ball game.)

go-kart riding,

and a lot of bounce house bouncing :)



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