VERY far behind...but a cool post coming soon :)

Our computer crashed at a wonderful time...our fourth son was born, our first son had his fifth birthday, and I was in bed with nothing to do. I mean, seriously! I could have been doing all kinds of stuff on the blog and facebook!!! I have a ton of pictures to post...Enjoy these few pictures from the past couple weeks while you wait. Hopefully tomorrow I will get birth pictures up (we had a birth photographer at Josiah's birth, so I will be working on a slide show of those pics), PLUS I have pics from Justus' very fun birthday party, and a lot more pics of the first 3 weeks of Josiah's life!! Hope you like looking at him...we sure do! :)


chrissy said…
I love looking at him. I can't wait for more! Hope you are well. Tell all the guys hi for us!

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