Geisler Gang Strikes Again

That's right, the 5G's are in town!! It's always a short visit, but never a quiet one. With 7 kids between our 2 families, there is always a flurry of activity. Lots of food, fun, and fits from the 2 year olds...and plenty of laughter.

First, everyone suited up for a little T-Ball.

{Life as a 2-year-old is tough)

Bottom of the first, Dads were up...

{the pitcher}

{the first baseman}

{The outfielder...a girl after Eli's own heart!...see why?}

Then it was on to some fun in the kiddie pool,

{Lining up!}

and some trampoline jumping,

{A helping hand}

fun in the even smaller kiddie pool,

{The littlest littles (well, the youngest anyway!)}

and even a water balloon fight!!

{"Hmmmm, which boy is next??"}

And that was just Saturday!!


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