1 - The number of times my four year old has stumped me with this question:
"Is today tomorrow?"

Also the number of times I overheard my five year old say, "Oh no!! Giant baby! 6 o'clock!"

2 - The number of times I ran the dishwasher today just to clear off the kitchen counter and sink.

3 - The number of times it took to lay Josiah down for an afternoon nap before he actually slept.

4 - The number of glass candle holders that were broken today by Justus and Titus. (all four at the same time, I might add!)

5 - The number of Transformers that are currently sitting on the couch next to me, ready to "roll out" at any minute.

6 - The ounces of milk Josiah drinks when I make him an 8 oz. bottle.

7 - The number of days in a week we apparently need to water our yard to keep the grass alive.

8 - The ounces of milk Josiah tries to suck down when I make him a 6 oz. bottle.

9 - The number of lives Titus must want to have, as often as he pretends to be a cat.

10 -The knocks I hear on the door when our next door neighbor wants to play. I'm probably guessing low.


Christi said…
Love it! Miss you! Hope yall are doing great.

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