Tuesday, January 31, 2012

First grace, now pride

Quite a switch in meditative words, huh? We are studying Isaiah in my Bible study, and one comment from my teacher got me thinking (and of course, writing :) )

"God will NOT tolerate pride!!" she said.

Pride exalts US. When we are prideful, we are basically saying, "I did this. I am most important, and I am responsible for my victories." The ultimate slap in God's face!

Pride is the reason we sin constantly!! We are thinking of ourselves...alone! We are "looking out for #1," if you will!!

The root cause of the first sin was pride...and every sin since then, if we get to the heart of it!

I came up with an acronym.

Exaltation of ourselves

It is often desperate, isn't it? In the end, though, we will be humbled, and God will be exalted. SELAH

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