My word for 2018

I haven't had caffeine or gluten (other than a couple things I started eating and then realized had it) in over two weeks. I feel incredible. My body, my stomach, my mind....I feel like a new woman. I'm seeing things more clearly, my thinking is more level-headed, I have energy!! With all of that, I have really been able to do things I enjoy. Decorate my house, take fun pictures with my fancy camera, make videos. I'm enjoying my life.

In 2018, I really want to make it a point to do more fun things with my kids, my family, and my friends. There are so many activities and chores and lessons we need to get through this year, but all of those things can be sprinkled with FUN! We can throw something fun into the mix, we can make the "necessary" fun in and of itself. If I keep this word at the forefront of my mind, I can be sure to make it happen.

I have never considered myself a "fun" mom, but with my newfound energy and clarity, it doesn't even seem like a stretch anymore to make sure our days are full of fun. 

Writing, going on dates with my husband, taking the kids out one-on-one, making videos, listening to music, going to the movies, having family game nights...

It doesn't have to be anything fancy or expensive or well-planned out. Kids are easy, and the fun things on my own personal list don't take much effort.

Writing is fun for me, and I've resolved in years past to write more and then haven't done it. Maybe this year I will, but also? Maybe I won't. I don't think life should revolve around fun or happiness by any stretch of the imagination, but I do think that when good things feel stressful, we need to take a step back and reevaluate. If my desire to write comes at a convenient time when it is therapeutic and makes sense, I'll do it. When picking up the camera and taking videos and then sitting down to edit the video seems like a way I want to spend my time, I'll do it. But if those things add stress or cause me to miss out on things or feel bogged down, then I won't do them. 

So that's my goal for 2018. 
I don't know what this new year holds, but I know Who already does.
Praise His name for making all things new...
new health, new energy, and a new fun outlook to enjoy this new year!!!

HAPPY 2018!!!!


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