Gracious Confirmation

Occasionally, God gives me confirmations in the homeschooling of our kids. I have specific memories of times in these many hard years that He has caused different subjects and areas to intertwine in a way that He obviously planned. Once, years ago, we were studying a specific animal (I can't remember what), and everything we ran across that week...or month?...just "happened" to have something to do with that animal. A show the kids watched, a special book section at the library, a cool exhibit at the zoo...

Or maybe one of the kids had been struggling with a specific area in school and then all of a sudden, we met someone who nonchalantly explained or showed them something that miraculously made sense to them. 

This week, it happened again, but in a really, really cool way. 

Since Justus first started learning his numbers, all the way until Josiah learned his, I have consistently used the same little rhyme and method to teach them. 

"Straight line down and then you're done. That's the way to make a ONE!"
"Around a tree and around a tree. That's the way to make a THREE!"
and so on

I remember finding it online when I was hesitantly beginning this crazy journey with my first little student, and thinking, "This is amazing! Perfect! How fun!" But I had no idea where it originated. 

Fast forward to this week. I bought Naomi a couple little books from a company I have bought from in the past, but had never explored their preschool stuff. Well, we opened it up and low and behold, there is the rhyme. Each page of number writing says the exact rhymes that I've used with my kids for the past nine years. Incredible.

I feel like we have just come full circle, now that I'm beginning this journey for the last time with number five. 

We so often follow God's will and really aren't sure if we're doing things "right" each step of the way. We try to walk in the Spirit and don't always receive confirmation that "Yes! This is where I want you!" 

But sometimes,
we do. 

And man is it sweet. 


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