This is one of those times the word "love" is simply not sufficient. To say that Justus "loved" the Monster Jam we went to last night would not accurately describe his feelings. He was eating it up. All of the boys (and men) were, to be honest. I even had a lot of fun. It was so entertaining, but I still cannot for the life of me figure out what possesses a person to want to be in a car wreck over and over and over...(The drivers were wearing neck braces and back braces for crying out loud!)

We saw monster trucks lose their tires, leap over cars, crush an RV, burst into flames, flip over themselves, and completely destroy their shell. It was awesome :)

Titus wasn't a huge fan of the noise level, but overall he had fun. He cheered, he clapped, and he yelled "YEAH!" when a monster truck crashed into the wall (like any normal boy would, right?!)

I didn't take my nice, new camera with me, because I was afraid they would say I couldn't bring it in...and then I would have to walk aaaaaall the way back to the van (which was FAR from the stadium.) I was sad about that, because there were so many great photo ops, but oh well. Now I know for next time...because I'm sure we'll be back :)

We made a quick run in to Wendy's on our way back to the car (and took a picture with me in it to prove that yes, I was there, too :) ) The little boys did great at home with a wonderful babysitter, and I am so glad Derek and I were able to hang out with our big boys without a baby on our hip or a toddler on our leg...just for a little while!


Christi said…
where was that? oh my goodness, chaz would LOVE that! i've never thought of it. what a good idea! glad it was so fun!
Jessica said…
that is sooooo awesome!!! I'm so glad you got to go with your big guys!

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