Not so Fun Fryeday



Temps in the teens

Wind chills in the single digits

Another week in the house

How do you like them fragments? Me? Not so much...

Maybe you can find some more upbeat Friday Fragments over at Half-Past Kissin' Time!

Mommy's Idea


Amy said…
Short and to the point. Love it. As for me, I'm breaking out today. Been in the house since Monday. Think it's affecting my sanity.
I'd be happy not to have to go out in this cold, ice and snow! I like your fragments today!

Stopping by from FF.
Caution Flag said…
We had just one snow day and I thought it was by far too much! Hope you get outside soon :)
Brandi said…
I do not like it either! I NEED OUT!!! Being cooped up since Monday is not my idea of fun. Would I be a bad mom if I don't take my kids outside to enjoy the snow? I do NOT like cold weather.
qandlequeen said…
For as much as I love snow, the storms this year have been horrible. Praying for a thaw and a pleasant, quiet spring.
Mrs4444 said…
Here's hoping you had a warmer week (but if you're anywhere near me, I know this week was WORSE! Have a great weekend :)

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