Eli is 2 months old!!!

So I took these today, and he was 2 months old yesterday, but you know......
Eli is such a happy baby. He smiles and coos and squeaks all the time. He gets so happy when I change his diaper, because he hates when it's wet. He gets sick of me picking his buggers and cleaning out his nose with the "snot sucker," but hey, somebody has to do it! Eli goes to sleep so easily for the most part and only nurses once or twice in the night. He'll sleep just about anywhere, through anything, which is a good thing in this house! (We even have a low-to-the-floor bassinet in the living room that he naps often in...while J and T chase each other with the sword or ride their motorcycles around and around the kitchen and living room "circle.") He coos at whoever will come and sit in front of him, and his favorite thing to "do" is be held. We are so happy you are in our lives, Eli!!


Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Eli! You're looking more like your big brother, Justus! We miss you and love you!
Anonymous said…
....especially in that last picture.

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