What a beautiful, beautiful sound

If the name of Jesus does not sound beautiful or great to you...if the sound of Savior, Defender, Redeemer does not stir up in you a desire to worship, to praise...a feeling of conviction, maybe, or a need to fall to your knees and cry out...

Please examine your heart.

The man, Jesus, is rarely disputed, but while Jesus was fully man, He was also equally fully GOD. Jesus is the reason we can say the name of God, the reason we can approach the throne with confidence in prayer. We all need Jesus JUST the same, and if you have for any reason been desiring to know more, to talk to someone who will readily admit faults and a need for forgiveness and redemption that is NO lesser or greater than your own desire for the same,


I don't know how many people read this blog. I know some friends read it for a time and then forget about it. I know there are family members out there who even forget they can keep up with me this way...but I also know I receive emails from complete strangers who run across my blog because they, too are raising all boys...or because they are a friend of a friend of a friend of mine who received a random popular post. I love when I have a "WHAT?! I didn't know you read my blog!!" moment. Most people don't comment, and honestly, I don't comment on most of the blogs I read.

I just wanted to put this song on here...to get those of you thinking who need to be thinking. The Holy Spirit lays things on my heart from time to time, and I love to know that the Lord is using such a simple thing in such a huge way. I also would very much hate to miss an opportunity to be the "mouth piece" (so to speak...the fingers, since I'm typing??? ;) ) for God's purposes.

I'm no different than you...GOD is available to meet our needs (in fact, to do ABUNDANTLY above what we might ask.) When I go to bed at night, I can rest in knowing that His grace and mercy through Jesus' death on the cross covers the multitude of my sins. I can wake up the next morning, claiming His NEW mercies...yet again. The same gifts are available to you, and I am more than willing to chat openly about it.

Lord, use me. Amen!!

P.S. This was the best video of this song I could find, with lyrics. Know that Jesus didn't walk around on the earth with a glowing light surrounding Himself. He humbled Himself, became human, was a servant...don't be fooled by the pictures on the video.


Anonymous said…
Anna, I'm so proud of you!!! And, I'm so thankful that God has chosen you to be such a beautiful testimony for Him!

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