Facebook Funny/Freaky

Facebook creeps me out at times. I stay on it, choosing not to delete my account (yet), despite the many changes going on constantly. Why do I choose to stay on it? Well, because at least for right now, I have been able to stay connected with people for GREAT reasons, including learning of friends who are sick, need prayer, or have announcements like a baby on the way, etc. It seems like when I get that feeling of, "Alright, that's it. I'm deleting my account," something happens that makes me want to keep it. (like when I found out my midwife's husband was in the hospital for something very serious)

Either way, I'm still not sure I'll stay on if they continue the ridiculousness on there, BUT I thought this was hilarious (and also adds to my feelings of being "creeped" out...I mean, how do they comb through everyone's updates and posts in order to place meaningful ads and links on their sidebar????) Below is the entirety of my sidebar on Facebook tonight.

Now, let me be clear. To my saved friends, I'm not bragging, and to those of you who don't know Christ as your personal Savior, I'm also equally NOT embarrassed by this. Let me point out, though, that I certainly don't throw around God's name casually, and I definitely don't intend to "like" the "Jesus Loves You" cartoon. God is real, He exists as a Triune being (NOT in the form of trees, the wind, each and every one of us, etc.), and I'm not sure how He feels about this Facebook thing. If I had to guess, I would think He would err on the side of caution...telling us to be cautious not to be so egotistical and so easily sucked into the internet, etc. etc.

Anyway, I just think this goes to show that "they" are watching us, and I'm not quite sure I'm comfortable with that...I DO, however, love my husband and wouldn't mind "liking" THAT sweet page :) The rest of it, though? Well, just look at those pictures of "God" and "Jesus." Really, people? That hardly begins to portray the image of the Spirit of the Living God. Hopefully, my posts and status updates that include anything that has to do with the Lord portray Him in a true light, despite the ads those posts and updates have conjured up for my Facebook sidebar! Sheesh!!


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