A couple funnies from today

Justus: Mom, can I have a snack?
Me: No, snack time is over. We'll be eating dinner soon.
Justus: mmmmmm (in a semi-grumbling mumble that sounded like a complaint about to leave his lips) Do everything without whining or complaining.
Me: What?
Justus: I was just saying the Bible verse. John 13
Me: You mean Philippians 2:14? Good for you. Thank you for not complaining :)
Titus: Mom, I put my dirty clothes in the dirty clothes basket.
Me: Thank you! You can put a sticker on your chart!!
Titus: Yea!! Mom, that's my last sticker. Now I have TEN stickers, and I get to pick a movie from the Redbox!!
Me: That's great, bud!!
Titus: (after a brief pause in his excitement about the Redbox movie reward)...What does that mean anyway?


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