Chiropractic Works!!

Justus has been stuttering off and on for a few months now, but lately it had gotten a lot worse. We thought he was going through that normal stuttering phase that so many kids go through, but when he started getting really frustrated and telling us that he just couldn't say what he was trying to say, we asked a chiropractor at Derek's school about it. He told Derek about an adjustment that might help.

I'm going to give you an explanation in simple terms. Derek can explain it much better:) Derek was to measure Justus' head...comparing the left side to the right side. If one side was bigger, it would mean Justus had intercranial pressure, which could be causing the stuttering. (I might be coming back to edit this if I find out I haven't been using all the right words:)) It turns out that one side of Justus' head was in fact bigger than the other, so Derek began the adjustments. It is hard to explain, but it's 3 simple motions Derek does with his thumbs on the side of Justus' head. He was to do this every day for the next 2 weeks. The doctor warned us that the stuttering might actually get worse before it got better.

Justus stuttered as usual for the first few days, and I think it got a little bit worse for a few days as well. It has been almost 2 weeks, and Justus is soooo much better!!!!!!!!!! It's so crazy. This kid was stuttering when he said anything that started with "I, you, why," and more. He would sometimes start jumping up and down each time he stuttered, and he literally would say to us, "You, you, you, you...sigh...I can't say it!!!!"

Anyway, this was kind of an experimental treatment:), so we're thrilled that it has worked so well!! Stuttering is one of the most studied/researched speech problems out there, and yet one of the most baffling to those in the field. The fact that we were able to address this with chiropractic was exciting for so many different reasons. (Derek was able to be hands-on and literally cure his own son of this, and we didn't have to take Justus to any type of speech therapy or anything like that...although a few other speech issues might end up leading us down that path anyway!!)

Just wanted to share this praise!! Can you believe it?...Stuttering healed by chiropractic!!!!!:)


Anonymous said…
I've seen and even used lots of treatments for stuttering (it's so individual) but I have to say I've never heard of chiropractics!! Way to go Derek!! Glad especially for Justus....I've seen, even in adults, how frustrating this can be and the frustration even makes it worse. God is good!!

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