Justus is SIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just yesterday, you washed all of the dishes in the kitchen sink (which was a LOT of dishes) and then proceeded to organize all of them on the kitchen counter to dry....just because you wanted to.

Then, you cleaned up the living room when I casually mentioned that Josiah couldn't really practice walking because of all the toys in there.

After that? You played with your baby brother, protected him from the freshly-mopped kitchen floor, and kept him entertained while I made dinner.

To say that I am happy to be having a day celebrating you would be an understatement. You deserve special recognition on your birthday, because you are just that. A special, sweet, sensitive little big boy :)

You add so much love to our family...we are so blessed by you!!

And now for a little fun, in honor of your SIXTH birthday:

6 of your favorite things:
1. Swimming (Diving board, slide, whole face and head in the water...You love all of it! That's so new for you, and we love that you are now a fish!!)
2. Pizza
3. Playing the Wii
4. Gum...You chew one piece a day, but would probably chew more if we allowed you more than that!
5. Baseball, and you're pretty stinkin' good at it, too!
6. Taking a shower...because apparently, baths are for babies

6 things you despise:
1. Sleeping, as has been true since you were born
2. Anything typically associated with girls (pink, purple, girl toys, etc.)
3. Being hot (You just about refuse to sit and buckle in your car seat until I turn the car on and blast the A/C)
4. When someone stands in front of the TV or talks too loudly when you're watching a show
5. Trying to read (It's frustrating for you, and you just aren't ready yet. I have some planning to do for homeschool this year!! My work is cut out for me, that's for sure! :) You'll get there, and I know you'll love it once you do!)
6. Sharing brand new toys with your little brothers. Rightfully so, as they are often chewed on or broken when someone else gets their hands on them...but your tendency to hoard your new toys is something we are working on. Don't worry...we will still keep with our "Yours and only yours for 2 days" rule with your new birthday presents :)

And finally, your first 6 years of life, in pictures:


Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday sweet Justus!!! You are a joy to us too! We love you!!! Mimi & Grandbob
Jessica said…
oh my goodness! It's been so long since he was a baby I'd kind of forgotten how much he's changed! He's so big! Happy birthday Justus!

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