Josiah is ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One year ago today, you were born.

We celebrated that special day with cupcakes, and four days later, we went to your big brother's birthday party. Suffice it to say, you immediately became the fourth child :)

But don't let that fool you...
You may have gotten toted around like a little baby doll at first, and you might not have had such normal, quiet naps like your big brothers, AND I may have ignored your cries a little bit more...

BUT you are a happy, easy-going, fun little boy because of it.

You are also so much more loved on than any of your brothers. After all, there are THREE of them to hold you, hug you, wrestle you, kiss you, and chase you around the house!!

We love your goofy faces, your (rare!) silly laugh, your cute wave when we tell you to say "hi/bye/goodnight," your occasional shout when you are trying to be heard above your brothers, and your appetite for just about any food we put on your tray. You are adorable, rambunctious, sweet, mischievous, friendly, smart, and ALL BOY! You have made the past year a joyous one, and we are so thankful God gave you to our family!!

{Opening cards from your brothers}

{Playing in the tunnels}

{Banana and oatmeal for breakfast}

Happy birfday, Siah!!!!!!!!!

(Go here to see a slide show of Siah eating his first bday cake.)


Paula Hill said…
Loved the slide show of Josiah eating his birthday cupcake! The first and last picture of him are my favorites! Looks like he had a very a very happy birthday! Hope you are all staying cool in the heat! It was 108 in Cordova today. Stay cool! Love & Hugs to All!
Thanks, Paula :) We are staying cool, as long as we play in the water in one way or another. We went swimming before Josiah's party and we are swimming again on Friday. We play in the kid pool outside, go to spray parks, etc. Even in the house, I can't seem to keep it cool enough. I don't think our A/C cuts off at all during the day. It's pretty ridiculous!!

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