With all the "liking" on Facebook these days, I thought I would do a like/dislike blog post in honor of the craziness.
I LIKE summer and the hot weather that comes with it (much, much better, in my opinion, than being cold)
I DISLIKE the fact that there have been so many triple digit temperature days this summer that I have lost count.
I LIKE making bacon for my husband because he loves it so much.
I DISLIKE....making bacon
I LIKE having breakfast for dinner (or Brinner, if you will!)
My kids DISLIKE the fact that there is no dessert afterwards!!
I LIKE helping my friends out with questions and concerns having to do with labor, birth, breastfeeding, etc.
I DISLIKE how I get so emotionally involved and end up mad at OBGyns who only look out for THEIR best interest every.single.time. (especially to find out that the doc I used 4 and 6 years ago is still using the same old excuses and sob stories to put her patients through the same unnecessary things I went through.) ugh
I LIKE grocery shopping sans children
I DISLIKE having to take time away that I could be spending with my husband to make a trip to Walmart late at night. (so I didn't go tonight, and now will probably have to take my kids with me tomorrow morning. You win some, you lose some.)
I LIKE the fact that Titus and Eli are about to start Mother's Day Out next week. I think it will be so great for them. They will have so much fun, hopefully mature in many ways, should gain a lot of independence and confidence, and will be more likely to enjoy their time together since they will have time apart (I hope that's true anyway!) I also LIKE the fact that I'll get to have some good school time with Justus on those days!!!
I DISLIKE the fact that this big era in our lives is ending. I won't have all 4 of them with me at ALL times anymore, and, well...that's just going to be really strange.
There are so many things in parenting (and in life in general) that have both positive and negative aspects to them. You can see the good or the bad, or both at the same exact time in just about any given situation. I am coming to realize this more and more, and I am striving to see what I can LIKE more than what I DISLIKE.


chrissy said…
I like being able to read your blog at any moment even as I am on hold on the phone.
I dislike...being on hold. There is only so much blog that you have written for me to read. Their time is up.

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