Happy Birthday to me! :)

My sweet husband...

I was woken up by some very cute guys this morning, serenading me with the Happy Birthday song. Then I was told, "Come eat your chicken minis!!" I walked out of the room, through the streamers on my door :)

and saw this.

That's right, that's our family. Derek on the left, all the way down to Josiah. (By the way, seeing our family represented by balloon heads made me realize how fast our family is growing. wow haha!)

I ate my breakfast, drank my sweet tea (I love you, Derek!), and told the boys they had to be PERFECT today, since it was my birthday. We'll see if that works out...

Hopefully I can work it out to take a picture of me and the boys today with my camera timer! I at least have to make an appearance on the blog for my birthday!


Anonymous said…
How awesome and sweet....of all of them!!!!!
Cindy said…
Happy Birthday, Anna! I hope it was a good one.
Jeannine and Jill and Gary said…
Adorable pictures!! What a diva You are! Men falling at your feet....or at least boys!! Love you!

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