Fryeday Raves, Brags, and Freebies

Yes, we like to call Friday "Fryeday." Call us dorks, we don't care:) It's fun for us to pretend there is a day named after us....

I wanted to rave about this book. I don't really know how much information I'm allowed to give (like I don't think I can quote the whole book for you...), but I just bought this book for the boys and LOVE it. As much as we talk about Thanksgiving, I don't ever really tell the history lesson behind the origin of the "holiday." This book, however, does it quite nicely for me. In very easy to understand language, the book lays out the story of the Pilgrims living in England, leaving for a new find Plymouth, Massachusetts, where they experience hard times with planting and harvesting much, until Native Americans (including Squanto :) ) teach them about hunting and planting, leading up to the great feast of celebration and Thanksgiving. Now, instead of just talking about giving thanks to God for the blessings He has bestowed upon us, I can actually tell them why we will be getting together soon with family for the biggest meal they have ever seen.

I don't really have anything to brag about, but I did want to share a giveaway. If you go here to VistaPrint, you have a couple of options of free calendars (plus shipping of course, but it's only like $5.) This is one of those calendars where you add pictures and different events on certain dates personal to you. I got a small 8.5 x 11 calendar to hang in the kitchen.

Anyway, whenever I post things like this (giveaways and such), I feel funny about it. I don't even know if very many people read this blog, let alone care about the giveaways and all that. But whatever, if one person sees it and gets something free, I'm happy. And even if not, I still got something free! haha :) (Speaking of which, I wish I had posted about the Herbal Essenses giveaway. I just came home from Target tonight with a free $3 bottle of conditioner!! The offer to sign up is expired now....Sorry I didn't mention it!!)

Now, I'm off to make some cornstarch clay with my sweet boys!!


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