Ten things I learned this week...

1. They really should make coffeemakers dummy-proof. Everyone who uses a coffeemaker is essentially sleep-deprived, correct? How do they expect us to remember to put water in the thing EVERY TIME?!!! AND we have to remember the coffee grounds? Too much for this tired mom, apparently.

2. Leather can be made from any animal, including dogs and cats in China. Sometimes, I rely on Professor Google when my kids ask me questions.

3. Although my face has been breaking out like a teenager, I must accept the fact that I have adult skin and need to treat it as such. Also, honest people who share their struggles and things they have learned are such a blessing. I think I'm on the path to conquering this beast of acne.

4. A 17-month-old saying "Thank you!" is the most precious thing I've ever heard. 

5. Putting a fleece blanket over a window helps my 8 and 6 year olds sleep late in the morning. Who else wants a blanket??

6. Having a toenail removed is not for sissies. Also not for those who don't follow directions well. Apparently, I kept my recovering toe too moist and have prolonged my recovery. Oh well, Dr. Google is also my friend. (as is my actual foot doctor...well, Derek's friend...and we have actually texted him pictures of my toe to ask, "Is this normal?!" I'm sure he loves those pictures.)

7. Nine, eight, and six year olds can seriously clean house well. Also, Flylady is the bomb...especially when there are three extra "flybabies" in the house helping me stay on top of everything.

8. My kids have allergies. Serious allergies.

9. Vitamin C apparently helps me kick my allergies to the curb. Now if I can just get the rest of my family to take it.

10. Being off of Facebook has helped me build (and re-build) closer relationships. And get back to blogging ;)


Mimi/Jennifer said…
Love what you learned! So many "funny but true" things. 1. Hilarious about the coffee maker! :) 2. I didn't know that about leather! Wow! Gives me a whole new perspective about it. 3. So thankful you have found some help & are on the path to conquering this struggle! 4. I totally agree! Precious! 5. Praise God! 6. All I can say is Yikes! It will get better though. 7. So glad they are helping you. I had to look up Flylady. :) 8. I heard on the news last night that we are having a Pollen Sunami in the US. Never heard of that but I guess it explains allergies being worse everywhere. 9. Good to know! 10. I am looking forward to my break from FB. I will have to adjust but am thankful that the Lord led me to this decision. I love you so much!! I am thankful for your blog posts!

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